Substance Abuse

Recovery from substance abuse addiction can be a long and difficult journey, and it may be a journey filled with relapses and setbacks. The right kind of counseling is often the best way to help an individual overcome his or her addiction problems. Many people having drugs or alcohol problems have turned to ABC Counseling Services for substance abuse counseling in St. George, UT. Some of our clients have been referred by others through intervention.

When one experiences behavioral addictions, willpower alone seldom offers a solution. Eventually, professional support will be needed. The person needing help must be willing to accept that help, but that may not happen until he or she finally realizes that receiving outside help or treatment is the only sure way to recovery.

We recognize that successful recovery often requires an understanding of the events or circumstances that led to an addiction problem. A person who takes up the use of drugs or alcohol because of a traumatic experience or simply has given up trying to cope with life will often require a different approach than a person whose social habits have simply gotten out of hand.

The counseling services we provide can address the reasons behind the substance abuse issues a person may be facing. Once the reasons are known, it becomes easier to find the right path to recovery. ABC Counseling Services has established an excellent track record of helping people in need. Whether you need help or you are seeking help for a loved one, you can place your trust in us.

Pay us a visit, or call us on the phone today so that we can begin the journey on the pathway to recovery.