Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is more common than many people realize. As in the case with alcohol addiction, sex addicts often become quite skilled at keeping their behavior a secret. With sex addition, other people are likely to be physically or mentally hurt. Unlike alcohol addiction, treatment is not directed towards giving up sex for the rest of one’s life. Sex is a normal activity. Sexual addiction help is focused instead on teaching the addict the difference between normal and abnormal sexual behavior.

We offer expert sex addiction counseling in St. George, UT. For many years, our sexual addiction therapist has provided therapy for adults and adolescents, as well as for couples. Recovery from sexual addiction can take time. In some cases, complete recovery may take years. At ABC Counseling Services, we are committed to offering sexual addiction help no matter how long it will be needed.

One of the more successful types of therapy involves enrolling a client in a 12-step program, similar in many respects to the program sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous. Group meetings with peers help to provide an added measure of support. In some instances, we may recommend a period of abstinence. Regardless of the approach we take, we are always there to provide counseling and offer a helping hand.

There are many resources that can be turned to when someone with a problem needs help. We have found that regular counseling is often the most effective pathway to recovery.

If you or a loved one has a sexual addiction problem, call us today, and ask about our counseling services.