Couples therapy in Washington, Cedar City, St. George UT

Couples therapy can help you work through issues and solve problems

We all can do with some help from time to time. Life is difficult and sometimes things happen that put pressure on relationships. When you have problems in a relationship it might seem easiest to just walk away. But then some things are worth fighting for and couples therapy can help save your relationship. ABC Counseling offers therapy and related services in Cedar City UT, Hurricane UT, St George UT, Washington UT and Mesquite UT.

When things go wrong you need to keep a level head, but this is not always easy. We are emotional by nature and sometimes therapy, whether couples therapy or family therapy can help put things in perspective and prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. The last thing you want in your relationship is continued fighting that can lead to abuse and breakdown. Fighting and arguing are negative forces that will ultimately destroy your relationship and damage those involved.

Couples therapy can help get you and your relationship back on track. You don’t want a he said she said situation with each blaming the other. A relationship should be about understanding and compromise, about forgiveness and tolerance. This way you build and nurture instead of breaking and destroying. A therapist can help you build a nurturing and constructive relationship as opposed to a destructive one that brings every down.

Walking away or running away does not solve problems. In order to grow and become stronger and wiser one needs to solve problems. Abandoning ship is a last resort. Before that happens. there are options such as counseling, couples therapy, group therapy and so on. Successful people don’t easily abandon ship. They stay the course and work through the issues and solve the problems. After all few things provide greater happiness than a happy relationship and a happy family.


Counseling in Washington, Cedar City and Hurricane, UT

Counseling can make you whole again

If you need addiction counseling in Cedar City CT or couples counseling in Hurricane UT or family counseling in St George UT or mental health counseling Washington UT or relationship counseling in Mesquite UT, ABC Counseling can help. They specialize in behavioral control and can help you deal with problems in your life in a positive and constructive manner. Sometimes you need an outside perspective regarding events and situations in your life in order to change your thinking, your habits and your lifestyle.

People have problems and face difficulties they often don’t know how to deal with. Some try to deal with their issues through substance abuse. Substance abuse can bring temporary relief but usually just compounds a situation. When powerful compulsions trigger the need for escape, people often turn to alcohol or drugs or even food. Doing certain things excessively on a regular basis results in a perpetuating self-destructive process that usually requires outside intervention and help. Addiction counseling can help addicts recognize the reality of their situation and can play an important role in recovery and cure.

Negative events and the inability to cope can often lead to relationship problems. Relationship problems can arise as a result of different things including financial issues, substance abuse, infidelity and poor communication. Relationship problems often lead to break-ups, separation and divorce. If you want to prevent a break-up and all the difficulties and pain that go with it, couples counseling could be the answer. Couples counseling can help put your relationship back on a happy track. Sometimes you need family counseling or group counseling. This type of counseling can help improve communication and resolve conflict within a family.

In certain instance an individual may need mental health counseling such as cognitive therapy. Whatever type of counseling is required, the important aspect is to get the help you are a loved needs in order to become whole again.

Counseling in Cedar City, Hurricane, UT and Mesquite, NV

Now Treat Addictions with Counseling Sessions

As the saying goes a problem shared indeed is a problem being halved. This holds true in the case of addicts. We at ABC Counseling offer counseling sessions which will offer the ultimate therapy to treat all forms of addictions in a healthy way. Our counselors and supportive peers are well adept in this field and know what exactly they are doing. Their role is in facilitating the growth of their clients in ways that respect their values, capacity for self-determination and personal resources resulting in lifelong recovery from addictions. People living in and around Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada can avail our services.

How our counselors can help?

Our counselors can help you in the following ways,

  • Help in strengthening self-worth
  • Find positive ways for combating emotions and stressful events
  • Teach ways of reacting to behavioral triggers
  • Develop practical skills to deal with cravings
  • Assist the patient to rebuild trusting bonds with others
  • Become responsible as well as a complaint with the other treatment plans

People who can benefit from our addiction counselors are those who are affected directly by the impact either from a chemical or a behavior which is causing or caused him/her distress or harm no matter the usage, amount or frequency in the past or now. Some examples include people abusing drugs or alcohol or caught in gambling or those who have stopped taking drugs or alcohol for years, yet are unhappy and continue carrying with them the effects related to the past and are looking for ways for recovering from such problematic issues in life. Our counselors give their 100% to make sure that their customers get the needed care and assistance to lead a healthy and happy life. To book an appointment give us a call or drop us a mail. You can even visit our office to book an appointment.

Therapist in Mesquite, NV, Hurricane and Cedar City, UT

Why Consulting a Reputable Therapist is a Wise Idea?

Relationship difficulties, disabling grief, addiction, depression and anxiety are common problems that people face these days. During such situations rather than popping up a pill, it is best to opt for natural remedies. We at ABC Counseling offer a wide range of therapy sessions to treat different forms of problems that people are facing in their day to day life. No matter the problem and regardless of the support level consulting any of our therapist will be a wise idea. Our service areas include in an around Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada.

The ABC Counseling Difference

  • Exceed our customer’s expectations at all times
  • Embrace learning and growth
  • Create an excellent environment for the patient
  • Encourage ideas and share best practices
  • Strive for excellence

Make the most of our personalized treatment

We at ABC Counseling offer our clients with assorted types of effective therapies while our therapists work to utmost professional standards. In fact, our specially trained staff coupled with our unparalleled types of therapies ensures that our professionals can create personalized treatment plans that will work best for you. No matter you are battling with trauma, intimacy disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction, loss or grief our therapists can treat it all. Recovery is indeed different for all. Keeping this in mind, we offer an unmatched range of treatments to aid clients heal.

Regardless of the problem being complex or trivial under the hands of our therapists you will definitely be in safe hands. Our therapists will offer you with caring assistance that will help you in identifying your problem. It is a bitter truth that one’s life is not always smooth sailing. At some time or the other some sort of issue can take place. No matter the reason our experts are always there to help you in your tough times and guide you to come out of it as soon as possible.


Counseling in Cedar City, Hurricane and Washington, UT

Counseling can help you overcome addictions

Human beings are complex in nature and often we find that things like feelings and emotions can get the better of us. These emotional issues can lead to addictions and destructive behavior. Counseling can help you deal with and overcome emotional issues and related addictions. ABC Counseling offers a wide range of counseling services in Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada. Their services include and relate to youth help, youth addiction, youth substance abuse, adult problems and family problems.

Not all addictions are as a result of emotional feelings only. There could mental issues and actual physical factors at play as well. Some conditions and related addictions could also be as a result of genetics and inheritance.

Mental illness affects many people and is widespread among the youth of today. Mental illness and conditions can result from a range of factors such as genetics, family situations, social environments, stress factors and belief systems.

Counseling and related therapy can go a long way in the treatment of mental illness and conditions. This type of counseling should include individual as well as family counseling. In certain cases, medication may be required to deal bipolar and similar conditions. In the event that medication is required a therapist will collaborate with a medical professional such as a psychiatrist.

Adults often need counseling as well. Substance abuse and related addictions often stem from years of let downs, failures, mistaken beliefs, trauma and related experiences. Group therapy and support combined with individual counseling can often lead to a full recovery from these addictions and destructive coping mechanisms.

Whether you struggle with substance abuse, drug addiction, relationship issues, work issues, financial problems or mental health problems, you can get the help and assistance you need. Professional counseling and therapy can help you overcome addictions and destructive behavior.

Mesquite NV, Hurricane, St. George, Washington UT Therapy

Therapy can free you from harmful behavioral patterns

People have problems and often many of us don’t know how to deal with these problems or how to cope. Therapy can help you deal with issues, overcome problems and improve your life. If you need a therapist in Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah or Nevada then ABC Counseling can help. A therapist is someone you can talk to about your problems without feeling uncomfortable, shy, guilty or inadequate. For the truth be known most of us can do with some therapy at some time or another. A therapist also knows how to help you deal with and overcome problems. A therapist or counselor will show you ways to eliminate bad habits and unhelpful behavioral patterns and how to be more positive about your life.

Therapy is a broad field and there are many different types of therapies and therapists. General counseling is probably the most common type of therapy. You can talk in confidence to your counselor who will advise and you. Maybe you have anger management issues, perhaps you have substance abuse problems. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or bereavement, your counselor can help. Whether you need personal counseling, relationship counseling or family counseling, there is a therapist who can help.

Apart from general counseling there are many specialized forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, group therapy, occupational therapy and more. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be very effective in addressing and dealing with a variety of mental health issues. CBT can address issues such as phobias, panic attacks, obsessive behavior, depression, bulimia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

There is no need to suffer on your own or to continue a downward spiral that will only end in some disaster. There is no need when help is around the corner. Speak to a therapist at ABC Counseling and get the help you need and deserve.


Couples Therapy in Hurricane, Cedar City, Washington, UT

Save Your Relationship from Falling Apart with Couples Counseling Sessions

During the present stressful age, relationships bear the burden of daily stress. No matter, be it your family or your work, the daily stress weakens the relationship between a husband and wife. Owing to this pressure maximum couples today are opting for divorce. But running away from such a problem is never a solution. Here counseling sessions from ABC Counseling can help. People residing in and around Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada can reap the benefits of our couples counseling sessions.

How Couples can Benefit from these Sessions?

  • Better communication amid partners
  • Stronger connection
  • Falling in love once again and feeling loved
  • Higher emotional and physical intimacy
  • Disconnect from the past history and build a new and strong future together
  • A true partnership
  • Enhanced confidence

Our counselors can create a noteworthy impact in your life. The moment you converse with them you can experience a change for the better. Do not delay another day, but right away take the initial step to prevent your relationship from falling apart. The counselors at ABC Counseling will offer you and your better half the skills and tools which you require for working through common issues in relationships. Over the years we have worked successfully with countless couples in order to aid them have the relationship they desire. Our counselors will keep their sessions straightforward and direct and create concrete solutions for you both. Just book an appointment today with our qualified counselors and live a happy and healthy life. No matter the severity of the problem we are always there to help you in the best way possible. Be rest assured you will never regret on your decision of consulting us but rather will thank yourself for this kind and intelligent step.



Therapist in Washington, Hurricane and St. George, UT

Alleviate Your Stress and Rekindle your Hope under the Guidance of a Professional Therapist

Nearly every human being comes across difficulties and challenges in life. When things become overwhelming, we feel absolutely helpless. There are many reasons that may make you feel disturbed, such as job stress, anxiety because of uncertainty in the future, addiction problems, loss due to bereavement or complexities in a relationship. It is here where consulting a therapist from ABC Counseling can be of great help. They will offer therapy of every form to alleviate your stress and rekindle your hope. Our service areas include Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada.

Areas where our therapies can help

  • Make you feel better and confident about yourself
  • Make you feel more comfortable, more secure and at peace
  • Make you feel connected successfully with others
  • Help to reduce your stress that will promote physical health
  • Help to solve your problems compassionately
  • Identify your goals
  • Learn new responses and behaviors to help you attain your goals successfully
  • Offer techniques and ways to reach your goals
  • Help you understand your feelings, thoughts and responses better
  • Help you understand your closed ones better
  • Help you come out of your perceptions and fears
  • Help solve a private or troubling concern
  • Help you to attain greater self-fulfillment as well as self mastery


The professional therapists at ABC Counselling provide expert and caring assistance which can help you in identifying your issues and also help you in finding the finest means of coping with the same. This may include changing behaviors which result in the issue or look for constructive means for handling a situation which is beyond your control. No problem is big or small for them. So just get in touch with our therapists and lead a happy and healthy life.




Hurricane, Washington, UT, Mesquite, NV Couples Therapy

A licensed clinical social worker for couples counseling and therapy

If you or a love one need counseling, then a licensed clinical social worker can help. A licensed social worker can help people deal and cope with emotional and mental issues. ABC Counseling offers counseling and social work in Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah and Nevada and they can assign a licensed clinical social worker to help you or a loved one.

These social workers specialize in areas such as mental health, substance abuse, family therapy and public health. Whether you need counseling help at home, help for your child, help at your school, help for a patient or even help at your work, then you should consider the services of a licensed clinical social worker.

Addictions often result in behavioral, emotional and mental problems. In order to help deal with these issues you may well need the services of a professional who is not only a licensed clinical social worker but also qualified psychologist. Addictions can also play havoc in relationships and family life. Couples counseling can help save your relationship and family life from break up and social devastation. A qualified psychologist can help couples, families and individuals with counseling, therapy, behavioral assessment and appropriate treatment.

People may require counseling for a variety of reasons whether it be from addition, social differences, financial difficulties, death of a loved one, sexual problems, infidelity or a host of other possible scenarios. Whether you need couples counseling, addition counseling, group therapy, family therapy, child therapy or some other form of counseling, it is important to seek help immediately. The longer a problem lingers and festers, the greater the damage and the more difficult the treatment.

You don’t need to suffer and allow your precious relationships to fall apart when help is at hand. ABC Counseling can assign a licensed clinical social worker or even a qualified and experienced psychologist to help fix your relationships and your life.


Counseling for addictions in Cedar City and St. George UT

A youth counselor can help solve behavioral problems related to addictions

Life can be difficult and many young people find escape in drugs, alcohol and related addictions. However help is always around the corner and a youth counselor can help. There are also other types of addictions such as sex and porn addictions that can cause great damage to all involved. ABC Counseling knows how to help people with addictions. If you or a loved one needs help with one or more addictions they can help. If you need a youth counselor in Cedar City, Hurricane, Mesquite, St George, Washington, Utah or Nevada then ABC Counseling can help.

Mental health issues are often at the root of addictions and unwanted behavior. There are many factors and things that can cause mental illness. These include genetics, social dynamics, addictions and peer influences. Unwanted behavior should not be left unchecked. Often a young person might be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. It is important that you seek and find the help that you need, whether for yourself, a child or a loved one. A youth counselor is trained in these matters and can help you before the situation deteriorates and results in criminal behavior with terrible consequences. A youth counselor can assess a situation and will also collaborate with other professionals such a pediatrician or child psychologist or psychiatrist.

Therapy is not something to be ashamed of. The right therapy can make the difference between a good life and a bad one. When it comes to the well being of your child there is no subject that should be considered taboo or be swept under the carpet. Addictions don’t just go away by themselves. Whether you are dealing with a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addictions, porn addiction or sex addiction or some combination, it is imperative to get professional help in the form of therapy and counseling.