The face of sex addiction has changed in the last twenty years.  The internet has allowed for even greater availability, accessibility and anonymity.  Research is finding that with cybersex alone, there is a chemical effect that mirrors the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain.  There is almost no one who has not been affected by pornography in some way and you cannot tell who is a sex addict and who is not.  Research studies vary, but the age of children starting to view porn is getting younger and younger and currently sits between the ages of 6-9.  About 70% of men view porn and 30% of women do.  When porn addiction goes unchecked, it leads to riskier behavior such as affairs and other forms of infidelity, massage parlors, escorts and prostitutes and other problems.  The factors that contribute to sex addiction vary, but generally include some dysfunctional relationship factors, trauma and attachment issues.  The flip side of sex addiction is sexual anorexia or the avoidance of all things sexual – which is also problematic.  There is help for both sex addiction and sex anorexia.  If you suspect that you or your partner may be struggling with one of these issues, you can take a self-assessment at and learn more about the recovery process.  Because sex addiction is by nature an addiction of isolation, the shame and betrayal felt by the addict or the partner can be overwhelming and both are strongly encouraged to receive treatment.  Many programs have a set time frame of 12 weeks of sobriety before completing treatment, but there is so much more involved in recovery than just a specified time of sobriety.  Our treatment approach is specifically tailored to help not only the addict, but the partner and family as well.  We invite you to call us to discuss how we can help you, your partner and family work through this heartbreaking challenge.