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ABC Counseling Services has the expertise to help patients experiencing various forms of mental illness.

Mental health issues can be quite complex, but given proper guidance and assistance, many of these issues can be overcome. With the expert guidance…

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Sex addiction is more common than many people realize. As in the case with alcohol addiction, sex addicts often become quite skilled at keeping their…

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Recovery from substance abuse addiction can be a long and difficult journey, and it may be a journey filled with relapses and setbacks. The right…

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We offer a helping hand to individuals in all age groups with addiction problems.

Welcome To ABC Counseling Services

At ABC Counseling Services, we are dedicated to helping you achieve behavioral control. We provide mental health, sexual addiction, and substance abuse help to adolescents and adults alike, and we extend our services to children who are victims of abuse or the behavioral problems of others. We assist clients overcoming relational trauma, overcoming addiction, and recovering from substance abuse.

We are members on good standing in the counseling services industry, and we can be relied on to provide counseling and therapy in accordance with the highest standards of our profession. The very nature of the problems our clients face requires us to treat each of our clients in a highly individualistic way.

Mental illnesses can affect people of all ages. Teenagers tend to be more prone to behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and addiction than other age groups. Alcohol addiction is more prevalent among adults, while sex addiction can affect adolescents and adults alike. Our staff at ABC Counseling Services has the background, skills, and experience to help each of these age groups and individuals having any of these problems to get on the path to recovery.

We also offer our services to clients in St. George, UT who are in need of anger management therapy, as well as to clients whose only problem is that they have become stuck in a parenting rut and are looking for better ways to improve the family relationship structure. We want to help you provide a safer environment for your children.

If you are seeking help with any troubling issues, please get in touch with us. We will provide the assistance you are looking for.

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